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Information about Defective Medical Devices

Modern medical equipment, medications, and implants can greatly improve our health and quality of life.  Billions of dollars have been spent on developing products that are designed to treat medical conditions and provide relief for a variety of health problems.

However, because so much money goes into the development of some medical devices, there is sometimes an economic incentive for medical device manufacturers and companies that make medical equipment or implants to overlook hazards, side effects, and defects.  It is important to be careful when determining if you or a loved one is thinking about having a foreign object placed in your body.  This is because some medical devices can cause more harm than good.  These defective products can cause serious injury or death. 

Faulty medical devices can include defective hip implants, defective knee implants, defective mesh implants, and other devices placed into the human body.  Medical equipment can also be defective and cause an adverse reaction or a toxic dose.  These defective products can include: faulty lasers, infusion sets, hygiene chairs, beds, and other equipment that can cause a hazard to patients.  Please be aware that defective medical equipment and defective medical implants including faulty knee joints, coronary stent systems, cardioverter defibrillators and other defective implants may cause serious injury or death.

If you think you or a loved one have been wrongfully injured by a bad drug, defective equipment, or a defective implant, please seek medical assistance as soon as possible and feel free to e-mail any questions you might have to toxicdose@texaslawyers.com.

     The ToxicDoseLaw.com website provides information on dangerous medications, bad drugs, dangerous products, toxic substances, and defective products that can cause serious toxic exposures, toxic deaths, serious diseases including mesothelioma & cancer, or toxic exposures.

       It is well established that many large corporations have profited from selling toxic products or products that cause toxic exposure without regard to the health consequences of the products.  Some of the most well known toxic products are asbestos products and bad drugs.  The asbestos products have been found to cause mesothelioma and several forms of cancer and other asbestos diseases, while dangerous drugs have been linked to death, serious heart problems, drug interactions, and suicide.  Other dangerous products that have been linked to serious disease include silica, chemical pollutants, lead, radon, EMFs, welding rodstoxic mold infestations and other environmental toxins have caused death and serious harm to millions.  In the work environment alone undisclosed and known toxins including asbestos, silica, and welding rods have caused occupational diseases and fatalities including mesothelioma, numerous forms of cancer, and Parkinson's disease.

     This web site was created by Texas Toxic Tort Lawyer Jason Coomer and is intended only as general information on some of the most dangerous products and toxic products that have been sold by drug manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, and asbestos manufacturers, or are in use by large companies attempting to profit and make money from the sale of dangerous products that can cause serious toxic exposures.  For more information on a dangerous product or toxic exposure follow the links found above, e-mail  an inquiry to info@toxicdoselaw.com, or submit an inquiry.

     This website provides basic information on some well established toxins and some potential toxins that are best to avoid.  Overall, ToxicDoseLaw.com and ToxicExposureLaw.com recommend using the precautionary principle by minimizing exposure to potential toxins until they can be proven nontoxic.

     For more information on the ToxicDoseLaw.com or ToxicExposureLaw.com information center, follow the links on this website, submit an inquiry, email us at info@toxicdoselaw.com or call us at (512) 474-5577.

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